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Friday, February 17, 2012

Yon: Rush is a rush every time

In 2004, the first time I pushed through the crowd of seasoned fans at a Rush concert at the Polaris Amphitheater, the now defunct outdoor concert venue at the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, I had no idea what kind of music Rush played. I didn't care. I was there for the ride and to see one of my husband's childhood friends who has a dream job--if you can cook.

He's Rush's chef when the band is on tour. He's also one of those world travelers who seeks to do good where ever he goes. Like when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka years ago, our friend spent months there volunteering.

Seeing Rush perform was the icing of the night after our quick backstage visit to our friend's traveling kitchen.  We chatted while he bustled about gearing up for the band's after show eats.

Back in the audience, in the center of the eighth row, as I watched prop chickens cooking in rotisseries and laundry drying in a dryer on stage and thought, "This looks like fun." Yep, from the first note to the last, Rush was a blast of energy, music that offers zen-like moments and an invitation to climb aboard a communal experience. I loved it.

From the Time Machine Tour in Cleveland. I wonder if
Peart can see us? We were once more about in the 8th row
in the center.
 Last April, our 4th Rush concert and one of the band's most significant of its Time Machine tour, the experience was like the first, but also like visiting with comfortable friends.

Because of the hoopla involved with filming the concert live--the Cleveland concert was the first full-length concert filmed and is now on DVD and Blue Ray as Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland, we didn't get to visit our friend back stage like we usually do. He did come out to see us during intermission for a quick hug and a great to see you.

While I spent to rest of the concert relishing the distinct sound of Geddy Lee's voice and the mesmerizing effect of Neil Peart's drumming aplomb, I thought about how our friend keeps them healthy and how I hope the band--and our friend-- keep traveling.

If you do go to a Rush concert, think of our friend. He's the guy who has set up his kitchen somewhere in the back with the mission to keep this band playing ever so fine.

*picture of Peart's view from Rush's website on the Tour Pics page. Click on the Cleveland, Ohio date for more.