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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yon: Amazing Race Elimination Station

The Amazing Race's Elimination Station may not give one a million dollars, but its brand of vacation time is sweet. Sure, what a shame to not win the dough, but how can staying at a hacienda or luxury guest house in another country be a failure? How can that not make a person feel a little pleased? I'd be pleased. I'd be pleased to even get on the Amazing Race. It's not easy.

This season's Amazing Race eliminated teams were sent to a resort location in Mexico to await for the winning team to get the big hurrahs, applause and the wealth. At this point in the airing of this season's episodes, two teams have made it to the elimination station so far--a married couple who were high school sweethearts and a grandmother and grandaughter. The grandmother is 71 which is a big plug for anyone who is an older traveler looking for an unusual adventure. Both teams are a pleasure to watch. Up beat.

Now they can enjoy each other's company and soak in the nuances of one place instead of barreling in a frenzy through a bit of the world, probably not remember specifics all that well--kind of like getting married and inviting oodles of guests. The experience is a blur.

As far as the beauty of the Elimination Station goes, when do we get a chance in life to hang out in a gorgeous house and day trip on someone else's dime? Soak it in losing teams; soak it in.

To see the Elimination Station, click here. I wonder who will end up here next?

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