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Monday, March 1, 2010

Hither: Women of the World Poetry Slam

The third annual Women of the World Poetry Slam is coming to Columbus, Ohio. This means the best of the best women poets--72 in all from across the U.S. and a few from other countries--will be saying their piece at various venues throughout the city from March 10-13. The best who do the best will win prizes.

If you think you may have a poet in you, there are sessions for you to test your poetic mettle. From the event descriptions, it sounds as though there will be poetry to match anyone's tastes thoughout each day. Women who will be competing must have been a top contender in a poetry slam elsewhere.

The best 12 women will compete in the finals at the gorgeous Lincoln Theater.

Rose Smith, a wonderful woman and poet connected to the Pudding House in Central Ohio and a frequent contributor at the Monday night Poetry Forum at the Rumba Cafe, extoled the wonders of this must-see event. Rose is also one of the poets who is participating.

From what I can tell, the $50 pass that will get you into all venues, as well as, the party after the winners have been declared, is a deal.

For any information you need, here's the link to the Women of the World Poetry Slam website.

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