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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hither: Refreshing drink discovery: ice water with cucumber slices

At the launch party for the magazine Edible Columbus, held at The Hills Market in Columbus last night, my thirst was quenched by a drink I kept downing. Sure, the wine spritzer type libation was splendid, but the ice water with slices of cucumber floating on the surface was sublime.

So simple and so wonderful. It was so good that I bought a cucumber on the way home to make my own.

Cucumbers are just  that type of vegetable that says "refreshing." Pair slices with water and what a concept. Along with this heaven in a short plastic glass, I found stimulating conversation and other palate pleasing food. More on food later, but for now, let's stick with the water.

Here's how to make it: Get an aesthetically pleasing clear glass pitcher. Fill with water. Add ice cubes. Thinly slice cucumbers, but not so thin that they get flabby (leave the skins on). Add cucumber slices to the water--just enough that they float on top.

By the way, Edible Columbus will be a magazine and a website to follow. As I talked about food with several attendees, we all agreed that Columbus is filled with great food and wish the Editor-in-Chief, Tricia Wheeler well. She's off to a great, delicious start.

*first photo by Rick Beddie who has this nifty website rhoek.com
*small cucumber by hagit

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