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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hither: Enjoy the flowers. They didn't plant themselves

After reading an email message about the 50 volunteers who showed up to plant flowers in Goodall Park near the Short North and Victorian Village in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend, I thought about all the flowers I've seen in public and private parks around the world.

All those flower beds bursting with color were planted by someone. Sure, some could have been planted by people hired to do so, but how many gardens were beautified by folks using their green thumb purely for the fun and generosity of it in order to create a multicolored world for all of us to enjoy? These are the days where their handiwork is in full bloom.

Looking at flower beds of the present, particularly those in people's yards, reminds me of flower beds of my past. My favorite flower beds were the ones my grandparents planted--mostly my grandfather, in their yard in Dayton, Kentucky.

The phlox growing in my backyard are offspring of those. One of my aunts gave me some plants from her yard that came from the flower bed near my grandparents' woodpile--the one I use to climb on in order to swing off it while hanging onto a rope swing.

The first photo is by juliejordanscott and the second is by Atilin

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